*NSFW* Amakuni, Hobby Japan – The Seven Deadly Sins – Leviathan – 1/8 PVC Figure



Oh Levi-tan! We are going to take a look at the sexy Leviathan. She was a Hobby Japan exclusive that we ordered from Hobby Fan for to much money in my opinion. We paid $175.89 for her, since she is being sold on Mandarake for 14,000 yen… you get my point… anyways let’s take a look!


Oh man, where to start. She is scuplted by Hiroshi (Sakurazensen), he has done other figures like Alter Saber, Ultimate Madoka, and Kirino Memories ver, all nicely done figures. Levi-tan hits so many things I like. First she’s a figure, I love figures. Second she’s purple, I love purple, Third she’s Envy, Envy is always my favorite sin.


Not to mention she has some epic looking red eyes, a tiny little fang, and short demon horns. Though I do wish her fang was more noticeable from a distance. Her unimpressed expression is more then enough for me.


Did I mention that you can take her clothes off? Of course you can, she’s a sin. I wouldn’t expect anything less. They did a pretty nice job of her breast.


She also has a bandaid instead of panties! Though unlike Tamaki it isn’t fabric bandaid, and it is a sticker and it is stuck on really good. I needed to use tweezers to take it off.


Though for anyone who hasn’t tried taking it off, don’t bother. She is not anatomically correct, they give you extra bandaid stickers but there is no point in taking it off.


Her shirt is super awesome because of the design on it, someone make me this shirt, but because she is a cast-off figure it is a huge pain in the ass to get it to fit on.


And no matter how much I pushed the shirt together, the seam is still pretty huge.


The other side is just as bad but at least her arm is in the way sorta.


She does come with two pairs of arms, the pair with sleeves holds her creepy little friend, while the ones without sleeves hold her ass.


Her belt is pretty awesome looking too.


Yeah that’s right, I said belt. There is a line when skirts are no longer skirts and are belts. The line is when it doesn’t cover your ass, and this doesn’t even come close.


I would like to point out that her boots have teeth, I can only hope to own boots like this one day.


Now something that is pretty important to mention is that her base… pedestal is probably a better word.. is huge. I am talking like 3.5 inches tall and like 5.5 inches wide. But it is super bad ass looking. Some people think it is to big but I like how I can put her in the back of a shelf and I can still see her in all her glory. Though you can remove the top layer of the base if you did not want to display the carved part.


I would like to point out that if someone broke into my house right now, and I couldn’t get the gun, or the katana, or the axe, or any of the knives in my house I could bludgeon a burglar with Leviathan’s base quite successfully.


Over all I think that Leviathan is a pretty nice figure. They could have done a few things better, but there wasn’t anything really wrong with her at all. I would suggest her to anyone who enjoys demon girls and figures.

To wrap things up, I give you Roronoa Zoro, because that makes sense right?

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  1. To make it easier to close the seam, consider heating the shirt slightly using a hair dryer. It will soften the PVC to be more pliable. Just careful not to heat it too high. You don’t want the paint to become pliable and stick. (unless the shirt is a natural white. I don’t know what it looks like on the inside).

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