Good Smile Company – Steins;Gate – Makise Kurisu – 1/8 PVC Figure


Looks like this week we’re gonna review another Good Smile Company figurine. Today we want to highlight Makise Kurisu from Steins gate, an anime that I personally never finished and probably never will because they decided to make it a snuff film of my favorite character.  We wont let that get in the way of our lovely kurisu figurine however =D.  As previously mentioned this figurine was done by Good Smile and was sculpted by Tokunaga Hironori. Tokunaga Hironori actually has done a lot of our Bakemonogatari figurines that we have in our collection including the newest release from this month.


The figurine has nice lines on it, it was sculpted and molded very well I do not have any complaints about anything detail wise on it. However I would of liked to see a little bit more … I’m not sure… Something in this figurine.  Something about her eyes and the pose she has makes her seem very lifeless.  Normally you can see a figurine and it almost seems like it would come to life, which I find is always a huge selling point to me.  If this figurine suddenly came to life, I might scream like a little girl and smash it with whatever I could find on hand…


Did I ever mention that I have a huge thing for girls with ties.  I think they’re absolutely awesome, I actually just really have a big thing for ties in general. I was going to wear one today and I work from home… I approve of the usage of a tie on a girl in this figurine, good work everyone.


Kurisu is a very attractive female in my minds eye, I like how petite she is and very well proportioned.  She was a character I really enjoyed in the series because she is pretty tsun.  She holds a series air to her actions as well which I also found appealing.  However as I mentioned before, for some reason I just don’t see MY Kurisu in this figurine. I realize that I sort of bailed on the series JUST as it was starting to get pretty darn serious so I cannot hold that against this at all.



Surprisingly the figurine actually comes with 2 separate bases for your viewing pleasure.  I had heard from a friend of ours that the figurine is known to fall out of the circular base and that if we were going to display her we should use the stairs.  Not sure if everyone else has this experience but we for sure were not going to take any chances.  I cannot say that I am a huge fan of the stairs base I personally would of rather displayed the figurine on the circular base… the stairs just seem really plain…


Another thing I wanted to point out on this figurine is the hella lean she has.  You can see it quite well on this picture.  The figurine itself is pretty lightweight so we personally have not noticed any bending yet and we’ve had it displayed for about 6-7 months I would say.  However this is something to watch out for when purchasing a figurine… Making sure its center of gravity is in a good location is SUPER important.


Gonna keep it a little shorter this week because to be honest, there isn’t a lot of talk about on a figurine like this.  The lines are clean, the pose leaves a little bit to be desired for me but others may love it. The quality is as to be expected of a Good Smile figurine but I still wish they could have done a little bit more with it…  If you’re a fan of the series then I’m sure you would already own this figurine, if not? I personally might take a pass on it if your figurine list is getting a little long ;).  In closing as always, thank you for visiting our site and commenting, any suggestions are welcome! I leave you with an AMV!

More pictures of this figure:

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