Alpha Max – Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? – Kuro Usagi Blue ver. – 1/7 PVC Figure


Today we’re going to look at the new figurine from the anime Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?… well that’s a mouthful now isn’t it. Firstly I need to say that if you have yet to see this anime, what are you doing with your life… If you did not like it however I suppose that is ok, it is not an anime for everyone, I was just presently surprised at the humor and seriousness of it, the biggest surprise was the lack of a main character that was a bitch. All the main characters are some fierce hardcore characters and I think I loved them all. It might also have my favorite loli character ever…. well no I shouldn’t just say something like that so easily… what were we talking about again? Oh right the figurine!


The figurine was made by Alphamax of who I really do not have any strong feelings for, which means they have not made a figurine that has blown me away yet they have not made a figurine that disappointing me…. However this figurine might fall into the disappointment category… not for looks I should say quickly but for other obvious reasons that anyone that owns it would know almost instantly. We shall talk about that later however.



I suppose I will just jump into my biggest problem with it… Firstly this is the first review I have ever done that I literally had to go and get the figurine out of the box again to look at it while I write this… Why did I have to go get it out of the box you say? This figurine is virtually undisplayable… I’ll admit that its a novel design and if they somehow managed to pull it off, then it would have looked pretty darn cool… but they didn’t. This figurine can actually fall over in our displays with my fat self walking on the floor…. ok ok ok lets give it a LITTLE bit more credit, I did have to stomp past the display to make it fall over…. but lets be honest here, as figurine collectors none of us are going to risk a figurine falling over and this one in particular could snap the hair or hands even from a short fall. This figurine is so risky to display that sadly this figurine will never be displayed on our walls or display cases… which is sad because we display 75% of our figurines in our house.


Now I’m not going to let something like this stop me from giving this figurine the credit it deserves not to say that its blowing me away amazing but it is a darn good figurine. The detail on the fringe of her black …vest…thingy… is a little marred and sloppy and the frills on her panties look a little bit… not detailed enough, it isn’t distinct enough.


Another odd thing that probably doesn’t have to do with any one else’s figurine I would hope at least… But her face is actually kinda dirty, for a figurine that we opened once and immediately put back into its box we know that this was not caused by us, so that’s a little weird.


The good stuff the figurine does however is capture her motion quite well. It’s a little hard to kind of see it but once you do you can feel yourself drawn into the motion of the figurine itself. I would of liked to see a little bit more motion in the hair as it is apparent she’s jumping but if you look at her ears you can see them kinda blowing in a fake wind… super cute


The base of the figurine is nice, it has a lot of hearts on it and the name of the anime as well which is pretty normal but looks good I this case. A nice black on pink motif. As I’m sure you saw earlier the function to hold the figurine is just a large rod with a platform on top, I’d love to say this does an OK job at holding it… but realistically its fallen out of its hold almost 5x just while I was writing this. It’s actually just sitting on my mousepad right now because I got sick of putting it back in there. It is entirely possible that I might just be getting careless now putting it back in… but regardless, this is not a very good function for the base of the figurine.


In closing, the figurine is a pretty nice figurine, I honestly cannot recommend it to a serious collector because of the base issues or even to people who collect just because. To those who collect and do not open and just store? This figurine might be great for you but we love to look at our figurines on a daily basis, it puts a smile on our faces. It’s greatly disappointing that we cannot risk having a figurine from an anime that we both LOVED dearly in our display cases… but such is life I do not regret purchasing this and I would probably still purchase it again if it came up and I knew all of this. I still hope that more figurines come out for this series <wheres my flat chested cat girl! Dammit!> and I hope more is animated for this series. As always, we love hearing from you guys, especially about this figurine if you own it. Do you have the same issue as us? If not tell us why we’re wrong, I would love to be wrong! AMV for this week totally unrelated to the review as per normal 😉

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