Good Smile Company – Fate/Hollow Ataraxia – Saber Kyuujitsu Ver. – 1/6 PVC Figure


This week we’re going to highlight a figurine that I have personally owned for a long time and that I bought for a really good deal from the bargain bin from the Hobbyfan website. As I’m sure it’s pretty well known Saber is actually one of my favorite characters from the Fate series’s out there. This figurine fails to capture anything that I really enjoy about her but we felt that it still was worth mentioning


This figurine was made by Good Smile which at the time ment nothing to me, I honestly would not be surprised to see that this was the first Good Smile figurine I had ever owned. It was sculpted by Koshinuma Shinji who also sculpted the Yuki Nagato figurine I own from Max Factory.


As I mentioned before, this figurine really doesn’t conceptualize my vision of Saber very well. I don’t see this side of her however I know it exists. It just isn’t what draws me to like her character.


The figurine is a little bland and a little boring, also it is 1/6th which I generally dislike but it was done well in this figurine. The style of this definitely does show its age but realistically there is nothing wrong with the figurine in essence.



The mold lines on it are not as clean as one would expect from a Good Smile figurine, though I don’t notice any serious color bleeding from the paint job.


Yes I realize I’m not going to have a lot to talk about in this figurine, it’s going to be one of those “shut up and look at the nice pictures” posts haha. Look more pictures.




Though her skirt does come off. Her panties are nothing special, just plain white.


I do appreciate the cute side of saber and I’m glad that we own this figurine I think it’s a cute pose and I like how she’s holding her skirt and blushing slightly I just cannot stop but think that this isn’t Saber, at least not the Saber that I know and love in my heart!


All in all, I must admit the only reason I own this is because it was very cheap at the time, the more refined collector in me would of realized that this was a GSC figurine and that it was Saber and probably would of bought it for that price in a heartbeat… No I don’t remember how much it was, I seriously bought it almost 5 years ago. I should point out, I don’t think I even knew who Saber was when I bought it… I didn’t even know it was a Saber figurine, it wasn’t until later that Dani was like “Oh nice Saber figurine” to which my reply was “that’s not Saber I don’t know who that is”… Then she grabbed the box and I was like… o… ohh…. So I leave you with that shaming memory of mine and this AMV that I have also posted before but screw it, it’s amazing!

More pictures of this figure:

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