Max Factory – Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – Charlotte & Tomoe Mami – Figma 118 – Figure


This week we are doing something we haven’t done before! I will be reviewing the first Figma we have ever reviewed! This week we will take a look at Tomoe Mami figma by Max Factory! I thank my friend Amanda for letting me borrow this Figma to review it! I also apologize to everyone since I have never taken photos of a Figma before and posing them in nice flowing poses is WAY harder then I could have imagined. I have a million times more respect for all my fellow figure photographers who can pose their figmas so nicely!


I found that a few people had complained about Mami’s paint job. But this figure here I don’t see that there were any problems with it. The paint job looked like it was pretty well done, and her outfit was pretty well done as well I find.


Mami also comes with the witch Charlotte, I haven’t watched the series yet…. yes yes! I know! I keep making stupid excuses on why I haven’t watched it yet… but I swear it’ll happen some time! Crunchy Roll even has it! haha


I will assume Charlotte is pretty accurate to the series. She is some cute/creepy witch thingy… that’s all I know….


Mami came with three different faces. Her distressed face is probably my favorite.


Mami also came with all of her rifles.


I don’t feel like the did a very god job with them. Maybe it’s because they are white, but they just look super fake. They don’t really look like real rifles to me.


A cool thing about Mami is that her hat is attached to her hair pin and she comes with a separate pin so you can display her without her hat. Because the hat is attached to the pin it doesn’t leave a hole in her head when you don’t have the hat on.


In the end the Mami figma is pretty good, I think any Madoka fans who enjoy figmas should probably have Mami in their set. We probably won’t be adding her to our personal collection, but that mostly because we don’t collect figma. haha Anyways thanks for reading and your opinions on figmas and posing them would be greatly appreciated!!

Enjoy this Madoka AMV, there are probably spoilers in this AMV.

More pictures of this figure:

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