*NSFW* Max Factory – Accel World – Black Lotus & Kuroyukihime Death by Embracing – 1/7 PVC Figure



Pretty excited to highlight this figurine this week, this figurine was delayed way to many times… 1 being way to many and I believe it happened more than once.  This figurine was ordered as a late birthday gift for myself so I’m pretty sure we placed the order in April.  I suppose that doesn’t really mean all that much but I am super excited that we have this figurine now!


Our deliciously flat chested Kuroyukihime has finally made her debut performance in our house with her death by embracing figurine created by the masters over at Max Factory.  This figurine is an example when I set my expectations way to freaking high and somehow they still nail it and I freaking love it.  I was not sure how much I was going to like the figurine when I saw the “cut off at the waist” view of it… but honestly? It’s done so freaking well that we are even keeping it displayed that way in our house.


As I had mentioned in our previous review of a Kuroyukihime figurine, I was a fan of the style of anime and a fan of the concept as well, however the execution was done so poorly that I lost interest in the anime about halfway through the series… I’m not one to judge an anime that I have not actually finished so I’ll withhold judgement and to be fair, the anime doesn’t really play a role in reviewing a figurine anyways.  I hesitate to say this because I learned a long time ago not to jump to conclusions like this… But I think this might actually be my favorite figurine in our collection now.  I have a “thing” for knives and a “thing” for sexy flat chested girls… and like… wow this figurines got it all.  She’s in a super sexy pose with a sexy dangerous look in her eyes with her avatar behind her… I honestly regret not buying 2 of these… I believe I have only said that with one other figurine in our collection.


I suppose I should talk about the figurine itself instead of just how smitten I am with it.  Probably the thing that surprised me the most was just how flawless they make her look like shes half in the water and like, naked… She’s not naked she has some very small panties on but this figurine is almost in the realm of I’m not allowed to review it.


 If we take the blades off, you can see her breasts are covered by her hair and no the hair is not movable, its actually stuck to her chest… This was a little disappointing because you don’t NORMALLY see something like that in a figurine, you normally do see a naked body under all clothing and hair, however Dinara and I talked about it and we don’t believe any Max Factory figurine is this revealing, at least none we own… to be honest the figurine is almost as good without the blades on it… … no … no we’ll leave the blades.


Normally I’d talk about marring and color bleed on the figurines but because this figurine doesn’t seem to be wearing any clothing, it seems like it really isn’t something to bother talking about.  The shading and gradient on the avatar is done well but it’s really nothing remarkable to talk about.


I suppose one of the bigger negatives of the figurine would be if you take her out of the pool and add the legs… Just the way the legs attach to her isn’t as flawless as I would of liked to see.  I’m sure it wasn’t possible to have it done perfectly and again, I’m not sure who would have her outside of her base anyways, if you want to see her sexy body, just take the blades off hehehe.



The avatar itself which is not bolted to the base, it actually is something you place on it as well, fits in snug much like the figurine itself does.


I suppose we should also highlight some of the less sexy parts of the entire figurine too .  Here’s a nice look at the tubing… Its rather springy and feels very delicate and breakable, anyone who gets one should definitely be careful about touching this part of the figurine… but it really does look sharp, I love this.


Well, that’s really all I wanted to mention with this figurine this week… My new favorite.  With a figurine of this quality you really should just let the pictures do the talking anyways.  That’s it for this week everyone, as always thank you for coming by and looking at our pics and reading my ramblings.  I’ll leave you with an AMV from the Monogatari series of which I really enjoyed. 

More pictures of this figure:

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