Good Smile Company – Canaan – 1/8 PVC Figure


This week we decided to dust off a figurine that we’ve had for a long time and I personally thought that we highlighted a LONG time ago… Sometimes it’s a little odd when you have this many figurines and for some reason it just seems like you have done one before but … here we are… Lets just call this first world figurine collection problems 😉 please don’t hate us for it. So without further adieu we present to you Good Smile’s version of Canaan!


The figurine was sculpted by Iwamoto Kunihito who also did one of our Lelouch figurines and also the partner figurine to this one that we will be highlighting probably not next week but maybe the week after 😉 look forward to it.  Moving on, as I’m sure all of you can see Canaan is exactly the type of chick I love, flat chested and good with a gun.  Ironic thing about that gun is it is the gun my wife Dinara wants to get.  Sadly we live in Canada and while we do both have our restricted firearms licenses; firearms in Canada, particularly pistols… Are very expensive.  Now the super gun nerds might jump all over me but I’m 90% sure shes using the Barretta PX4 Storm naturally there’s different version of it and…. wait…. this isn’t a gun review its a figurine review!


The figurine itself is balanced well, it is one of those action pose figurines that frankly I don’t think you see too often on the market.  Or at least done “well”.  I believe this was actually the first action figurine we bought for our collection, I was drawn into this anime because it had a good gunplay action feel to it and I was left wanting with some of the other ones around that time like Black Lagoon.


The figurine is held in with a metal peg that’s elongated of which at the time I didn’t have a strong opinion of but I have honestly come to dislike.  Figurines that require you to use something like this are often over complicated and I just don’t like the stresses that are put onto them… We have displayed this figurine since we owned it and looking at pictures others have taken online it does not look like there was any serious leaning issues here…. Still not a fan of that design however.


The figurine itself is rather boring for an action pose figurine but she does make a nice display with her partner.  It really does kinda help complete the scene, it was a no brainer for us to get both of them if we wanted one.


I do love the intensity on her face, it was really captured well… unfortunately I do not really get the feeling of life from the figurine that I refer to sometimes while talking about them.  Despite its action pose it just feels so static to me.  This is something that I look for in the best figurines however and I would not say this negatively impacts my opinion of this really in any way… because it is just something so rare that I see.


The fine details on the figurine are nice, the zippers look good and all the cloth.  There is little to no bleeding, but there are a few things that I was a little disappointing with as well.  The hair is in done in almost 5 different parts with all the seams and I realize that there would be a copyright issue, but I would of loved to see a little bit more fine detail on the gun… however that’s the gun nut inside of me talking.  I like her necklace as well, its a nice touch as an example of how everything on these figurines is not one huge piece of plastic and literally is several pieces combined together into awesomeness.


The base is nice, it was actually one of the huge selling points for me at the time as well if I recall correctly.  I also really love the way how her cloak is falling off as shes diving… it really is a pretty cool figurine, again it’s magnified as you saw earlier by having both of them together… I was almost tempted to do a double review of these figurines, in fact I would not of been surprised if this is why we waited so long to do this one….


Well that’s all for this week guys and gals overall I would say I am happy we got this figurine, I was a fan of the series even though it did get a liiiittle slow halfway through.  In the times of figurines now, this might not be as much of a standout piece as it was back then, however saying that this figurine has always been displayed, does say something ;).  Lets close this up with a pretty decent AMV I have from this series, of course it does contain spoilers so watch out! 

More pictures of this figure:

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