Good Smile Company – Fairy Tail – Lucy Heartfilia – 1/7 PVC Figure


This week we’re finally going to review the Lucy figurine that we got from Good Smile a few weeks ago. We were going to initially do this figurine first but to be honest, I kinda liked the other figurines we got that month a little bit more ;).


Firstly I’d like to apologize for not having a review last weekend, it was a fair mixture of laziness on our part and becoming a Pokemon master… Dinara and I were totally stoked when this figurine was first announced but I must admit that as time went by I was less and less excited about it. I wont fault the figurine, it’s done well I really just fault a little bit of a falling out with the show…


The figurine itself is done quite well, it almost fully hits the quality I have come to know and respect from Good Smile… There is one thing that does in fact bother me about this. I was so used to the detail on their figurines being above expectations but when I looked at the key she’s holding, the first thing I asked Dinara was “which summon is it”…. It’s… no summon. It doesn’t have any markings on it to distinguish it from any of the others… I must admit a crushing disappointment when I saw that, that was not the quality I had come to know and love from Good Smile… Something so insignificant I realize… but still a disappointment.


Moving on from that however, I will admit that this figurine is quite nice for someone who follows the show. Its clothing is actually removable with I suppose does kinda fit in with the concept of the show as they do find themselves in revealing situations frequently hehe.


Its just a simple thing like the pose they chose that makes a figurine. Lucy is not who I would of chosen to do the first figurine for Fairy Tail even though she is basically the main character but I can say that this figurine does have a feeling of life to it. It’s hard to explain when you review a figurine and sometimes it just gives you a vibe… the subtly of her pose, the look on her face, the way her skirt is flipping up, it has an energy and I like it.




Lets talk about a bit of the fine details on the figurine I suppose. The boots are done really well, looking at them really differentiates them from the rest of the figurine and the accessories that she has are a nice touch as well. None of the bags or key are actually attached to the character either, which personally again is the only way it should be with a figurine. The only thing that should be attached to the figurine is her undergarments and even that should be optional. All of the lines on the figurine are very clean pretty much the only thing that stands out is the hair seem which is a shame, I wish they could of done something else with it.


Lucy is undeniably a sexy character and the fact that you can take all of her cloths off down to her bra and panties accentuates that, however I feel she is more attractive with her cloths on as the way her skirt is, you can see her panties from any sideways angle, which is just awesome. Naturally Lucy isn’t exactly the type of body type I enjoy, but she does have nice curves and the figurine really does play that angle well.


The base of the figurine is a little boring, but I really do not know what I would of expected. Sometimes it is nice to just have a basic base with something relevant to the character/anime on it. In this case they were really minimalistic but they get the point across, it’s nothing too gaudy or in your face but to be honest, in this case its nice that they’re not trying to take away from the figurine.



All in all, as with all the figurines I talk about on here this is an excellent figurine and a must have for our collection. Avid Fairy Tail lovers probably already jumped all over this figurine the second they could have and rightfully so. One point that I should mention about this figurine as it is a little bit of a “thing” of mine. This figurine has one of the best cast offs I have personally ever seen. You cannot even tell her top comes off looking at her the effort put into hiding it is just exceptional, as I’m sure all of you have fiddled with cast offs in the past, this one is exceptional and worth mentioning.Well that’s it for us for another week, in closing I’ll leave you with another AMV. As always thanks for reading and coming and visiting, we love to hear from you guys!

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