Gift – Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha – Yagami Hayate Swimsuit ver – 1/4 PVC Figurine


Nothing like getting a loli figurine in the mail… unless it’s a GIANT loli figurine… a giant loli figurine that finishes a 3 piece loli set! BOO YEAH!  As you can tell I was pretty excited to get this figurine.  I can honestly say that there’s not a heck of a lot TO this set of figurines but you’d have to be dead or cold and heartless to not think that all three of these figurines are freaking adorable.


I giggled like a moron going downstairs to grab this figurine off its shelf today to do this review, I’m not sure why but I just really love these figurines. For a 1/4th set of figurines they’re just proportioned so well… you always seem to get the giant head syndrome in a 1/4th, or at least used to…  This figurine is pretty much more of the same stuff so I really will not talk too much about this.  Figurine is from the same series as the other two sculpted by the same person that did the other two as well and from my understanding at least, this is the last of the “set” if you can call it that.


She is in a cuter pose than the other two, I really do think I like this one the best of the three actually, she’s just so damn cute… it should honestly be illegal.  You can almost see her running towards the water to play little splash games you see in the anime all the time >_<


Now its hardly a figurine review if I’m not talking about the good and the bad instead of prattling on endlessly about adorable lolis and such forth.  So there is one thing I noticed that does bother me a bit and that’s on her mid drift where the tummy meets with the bikini there’s almost a separation.  It’s not game breaking but on a figurine that’s 90% skin it is something that you will notice if you take a close look at it.


This figurine came back with the inner tube which I was pretty happy to see… however having only Hayate and Nanoha of the three figurines with inner tubes just makes Fate look a little lonely.  I realize that she has other accessories but realistically I much rather would of seen all three of the figurines with inner tubes just for symmetry.  All three of the figurines are great however… I love them all equally… yes…yes.. my harem of giant loli figurines yeessss… mwhahahahaah…


Talking about another thing that this figurine did a little bland as well, would be the top part of the bikini.  Now this is just opinion… so take it with a grain of salt… But I feel that the bikini top is a little flat and boring something about it just doesn’t pop out at me.. no this is NOT innuendo for flat chested haha.. just the colors seem duller and less articulated.



Also her bracelets are part of her as in welded to her… I’m a huge fan of figurines that everything on the figurine is separate except panties… If you wanted to break the figurine, you should be able to strip it down naked by taking all of its cloths off… it would just ruin it… but you should be able to.  To see that even the bracelets on this do not move? Bothers me slightly.


All in all this figurine was a must buy for my wife and I because we had the other two.  We have mentioned previously that we are not collectors of 1/4th figurines and I personally do still feel that way.  The reason why these ones worked out so well is mostly because they were lolis, so their scale as offset by that.  Their price point really helped that matter as well, they were ~$100 each which for a 1/4th is a good price. They are basic but sometimes basic is good.  If you’re fans of the series I cannot speak to getting these or not because we have not watched any of it… But any fan of the characters would of course love them.  Having a set of these three sitting on our shelf brightens up that particular shelf significantly with 3 cute little bikini girls!  That’s all for this week guys/gals as always thanks for reading and visiting, hit us up in another 2 weeks and we’ll be reviewing some more awesome stuff!  I leave you with another random AMV!

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