Kotobukiya – Shingeki no Bahamut – Dark Angel Olivia – 1/8 PVC Figure


Yay, new figurines to review! Always a good time when we have some new figurines to add to our collection. We were anxiously anticipating this one, and while at the time I must admit I was not on the edge of my seat, I wasn’t really even paying much attention to Dinara as she opened it. But once she whipped out this giant fucking box I suddenly realized why we were charged almost $80 in shipping when we only ordered 2 figurines this month, hahaha. This figurine was actually pretty darn impressive when set up in its glory, and we were concerned about where we could display it… buuut it fits nicely with our Tera Elementalist and Madoka umm… huge… universe.. bow and arrow one


As the title suggests, this figurine was made by Kotobukiya, and I will say right from the start that it is pretty much the quality you would come to expect from these guys. A cursory look at it shows nothing that draws the eyes away in a bad way, and overall it has a great look to it. I like its balance, and there really isn’t anything about it that makes you instantly look one way or the other… except maybe the wings, which are pretty awesome.


The figurine itself was sculpted by Matsumoto Kouei, and he has done a few other great figurines – none of which we own, but there are at least 6 of them that I would’ve bought back in the figurine purchase frenzy that was my life before all of my roommates moved out and I met Dinara and we bought a REAL house, haha. It stands an impressive 240mm tall, which might cause display issues for a lot of people. It was also rather expensive, coming in at about $150. That’s actually almost double the cost of a normal figurine for us… not even including the huge shipping fees we had from the huge box size. I’m of the opinion that it was worth it anyways. While we do have a lot of figurines in our collection, we don’t have a lot of what I like to consider “centerpiece” figurines: Those rare figurines that are just so large and spectacular in certain ways that they just command your attention.


Naturally, no figurine is without its flaws. I have seen a few people say that they felt that the fine details on this figurine were lacking. Personally, I don’t REALLY agree too much as everything must be taken into accordance with who has made the figurine. Since Kotokukiya made this figurine, I can say that it’s exactly what I would’ve expected in the level of detail; however, if it was Good Smile who made it, I might comment that a little bit more attention could have been paid to some of the small details on the figurine in regards to the painting.


A small pet peeve of mine is in the hair. This figurine has very well done hair, but for some reason they felt the need to give her another like… extension of hair? It just looks so out of place to have a nice, solid block of hair wisping down, and then suddenly they’re like “Hey, let’s glue another piece right here”. Ugh, I will never really understand that…

There are a lot of fine details in the clothing over the entirety of this figurine, basically. There are accessories around the waist and all are done well enough to my standards. The clothing she is wearing as well takes her right out of some sort of fantasy RPG, which I suppose she was from a card battle game… so that sorta makes sense. Ironically, I did download and play this game for a few hours at what feels like quite some time ago, but I honestly remember nothing of it… Dinara and I play Valkyrie Crusade =p.

One of the only genuinely bad things in this figurine is the assembly of it. Realistically, it’s difficult to take points away from a figurine that’s hard to assemble. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, once you have it all done and on display the difficulty of putting it together is quickly forgotten until it’s time to pack it up again and store it… if you… have like… as many figurines as we do. <_<


I realize that I didn’t speak too much about the things that were done very well on this figurine, and that is mostly because I prefer to talk about the things that a picture cannot really show that well. Overall, this figurine is a great addition to our collection and even knowing everything I know about it now, I would not hesitate to get it again in a heartbeat. If this figurine is still available to get anywhere today I would recommend it as it makes a great conversation piece with all my non-figurine collecting friends that see it… That and Dark Angels are just… they’re just…. fucking awesome… As always, thanks for popping by, and if you have any questions or comments, let us know! Here’s an AMV as usual, and have a great day.


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