Summer Wonder Festival 2017

Summer Wonder Festival has happened! Sit down, get comfortable and get ready for the ride!

As per usual this is just a the scaled/prepainted figures that appear at Wonfest. You can view Kaneel’s list of new items here. Please know that, as per usual, there are NSFW figures throughout these pages. I marked them with a NSFW banner at the top of the section if the company has any. If I missed anything let me know, there is a lot to sort through.

Just a disclaimer, I didn’t take any of these photos. If you took one of the photos and would like me to credit you and or have me take it off this website, or if you notice any mistakes please contact me.

Go directly to company: Max Factory | Good Smile Company | Orange Rouge | Kotobukiya | Alter | FREEing | Mega House | Alphamax | Daiki Kougyou | Plum | Pulchra | Native | Phat Company | Aquamarine | Union Creative International Ltd | Ques Q | Aniplex | Licorne | Di molto bene | Broccoli | Wing | Flare | AmiAmi Zero | Orca Toys | Figurama Collectors | Milestone | Medicos Entertainment | Vertex | Rocket Boy | Amakuni | Orchid Seed | Easy Eight | Binding | Kalmia Project | Lechery | Mouse Unit | Q-six | Emontoys | Fine Clover | Souyokusha | Toy’s Works | Figurex | Funny Knights | Furyu | Griffon Enterprise | Kadokawa | Monolith | Prime 1 Studio | Progress | Sega | X-Plus | Other

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